Most Diversified

Multi - Art Training Academy

for Kids and Adults!

Serving Orlando FL / All Surrounding Areas

​"This Academy could have one of the most comprehensive programs I have ever seen!" 

~ Master Ron Goin

(MMA/ Self Defense  Pioneer)

"Empowering Others"
Kids F.O.C.U.S Programs

Kids Fundamentals Training

This is our kids INTRO Training Program!

Your child will be guided through Striking, Kicking and Defense as well as being inroduced to our reward winning Personal Development and Leadership Building Programs.

Teens and Adults Programs

Adults A.C.T. Programs

We are known worldwide for our cutting egde Adult Training Programs. You will be guided through a Progressive develpmental process while training and getting the benifits of a TRUE Multi-Art (MMA) curriculum. While adding discipline and focus to your life!

Ultimate Fitness

The most fun you will have working out! For men and women! 

with Guro Billy Brown
Private/Small Group Training

One on One Training with the man himself!All registered students (Tampa) get  private time training with Guro Brown at a discounted cost.

Kids A.C.T.
Leadership Training

The Kids A.C.T. Leadership

This is the highest level of physical and Leadership training for your child found anywhere! This program offers the most COMPLETE level of training for children as possible! This program has transformed Thousands of children into : "Highly Motivated and Confident, Well Skilled and Disciplined, BLACK BELT LEADERS!


Progressive Media Center

Academy Tour with Guro Billy Brown
- Jeet Kune Do Training Methods
- Maglahok KALI - Silat
- Mixed Striking - Hybrid Muay Thai
- Submission Wrestling
- Judo, CACC (Catch), Shooto, Japaneese JuJitsu, Dumog
- Innovate Western Boxing Concepts
- Innovative TKD Sparring/KickBoxing Concepts
* DefendUSA - Adaptive Combatives Curriculums

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