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Our Mission

"Raising The Bar"

Progressive Martial Arts Training Systems is committed to providing the highest quality Martial Arts, Fitness and Leadership training and instruction.
People of all ages and from all walks of life can get in better shape, learn to defend themselves, have fun while doing it!
And ultimately live a more EMPOWERED and


We are not a dare care or some after school program for your children! There are other "Martial Arts" Schools in the area that specialize in only that.


Our goal and the goal of our founder has always been the same, to to develop your children into Highly Motivated and Confident, Well Skilled Disciplined Leaders who are fit, focused and can defend themselves! This is what WE specialize in!


We recommend that consumers take the time to shop around, research and develop comparisons before coming to P.M.A.T.S. By doing this, the consumer will accurately be able to determine and compare the quality and professionalism of each Martial Arts School. 


All Martial Arts Schools ARE

NOT Created Equal!


Unfortunately, most consumers are so bewildered by choices that they assume that the school closest to their house is good enough for them and their family and after a very brief intro course, they find themselves locked into a multi year, non-refundable, membership contract.


We are confident that after doing this and then coming to P.M.A.T.S. that the consumer will See the Difference right away..

Progressive Martial Arts is the MOST DIVERSIFIED ADULT Focused Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Florida!


We are not sport focused! We could care less about how many awards and trophies our students win! Our goal is simple, "We Develop Highly motivated and Confident, Well SKILLED and FIT Disciplined WARRIORS for the 21st Century!"


With that said, if sport is what you are looking for, we do have one of the best and most innovative MMA programs around.


We appreciate the Martial Arts of many cultures and we see the valuable aspects of every one. Rather than limiting yourself to a single style of Martial Art, which would slow your development, we believe you should have the chance to reap all the benefits that the different Arts and training methods offer. This process will make the student a more confident and well rounded Martial Artist.


We teach some of the most effective and hard to find Martial Arts Systems Around; Boxing, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Training Methods, The Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima, Arnis), Catch As Catch Can Wrestling, Shooto and Hybrid Muay Thai just to name a few!


You will not find a academy more diverse, complete and professional any where!


Headed by a team of expert instructors and managers, Progressive Martial Arts Training Systems offers a number of programs for physical fitness and instruction in martial arts. We also have specialized training for Women Only, Personal Defense and Law Enforcement.


We also have strong Christian Values, Youth Focused Leadership Development Programs.


Our Product Is EMPOWERED Lives


At Progressive Martial Arts, we pride ourselves in being different. Progressive Martial Arts offers cutting-edge training in the most effective martial arts systems available, all in a world-class facility. If martial arts training makes you think of boring solo dances and KATA or punching and kicking in the air, you don't know what you're missing. Check out our dynamic and educational classes. You will Immediately;






At Progressive Martial Arts Training Systems our purpose is "Empowering Others" and developing Highly Motivated and Confident, Well Skilled, Disciplined Leaders, not only within our Martial Arts journey, but at home and in our communities as well.


Our Martial Art Training is Highly Diversified and Sophisticated in that we teach and incorporate many different styles and training methods in the hopes of making our students more complete and well rounded Martial Artists.


We are a Christian Leadership Organization which is based on Christian values and beliefs.


We focus on 3 main points:

1. Knowledge in the Mind - We reach this by educating the student not only in the great science behind the Martial Arts, but also in valuable Leadership Skills that they will need throughout their entire lives.


2. Faith in the Heart - This is reached by understanding the value of walking a Christian Walk. We understand the importance of keeping God in our schools, our country, and in every other aspect of our lives.


3. Strength in the Body - We accomplish this by always striving for Never - Ending Improvement, not only in our character, but in our physical growth and abilities as well.

Our Motto Is;

(VICTUS VITALIS) "Living Victorious"


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