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Testimonials - See what people are saying!

With out you all we would not be able to do what we do! We thank each and every one of you!

We would like to thank all of our loyal and hardworking students. Without you all, we could not be in the position that we are in to provide the life-changing service that we do.


We thank you all for your on-going support, dedication and hard work, and we promise to keep providing the BEST martial arts, fitness and leadership training possible and developing lasting relationships now and many years to come..


~ Guro Billy Brown and his P.M.A.T.S. Team

By far the best!
I have trained in several martial arts styles over the last 10 or so years. I would like to say that what I have learned at PMATS in the past 12 months has been a tremendous help in continuing in my martial arts endeavors. 
The instructors are wonderful and highly dedicated individuals. They provide a welcoming and fun environment to anyone who walks into their gym. I am very thankful to have found such a wonderful place to train and grow as a martial artist and human being.  I am grateful to have had such wonderful instructors in the martial arts. 
It's truly wonderful to see someone who is so passionate about teaching others. Thay are an example of what hard work and determination. I thank them for the self confidence that they instill in their students. Many thanks to Guro Brown and the rest of the PMATS staff.


-Nick Reichold

Thank You PMATS...
Our children were curious about martial arts for several years. After considerable debate, we agreed to a trial period with Progressive Martial Arts. Our daughter, Amber, was placed into the adult program, while our son, Jared, was enrolled in the children's program.
We did not know what to expect as we had no experience with any form of martial arts.
Needless to say, from day one our children became enthralled with their respective programs and we observed noticeable progress from month to month.
PMATS became a focal point in our family's life as we watched our daughter transform from a quiet, shy girl, to a confident, self-assured young woman. Our son's sportsmanship improved as well as his overall attitude. Their physical ability improved including flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.
Overall, PMATS had a substantial impact in the time we have attended. We wish to extend our gratitude to the instructors as they became so much more than just teachers. They became mentors providing expertise in their art, but more importantly, modeling values and ideals that transform children and young people into productive and pro-active citizens. Thank you PMATS for your vision and effort to impact students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


- The Smith Family

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Not your typical MA School...

 When I was younger, I tried Karate at another school in the area, but it was both boring and impractical and turned out to be a huge waste of time. Years later I ended up trying Progressive Martial Arts because I wanted to get into a career involving the study of Martial Arts and weaponry.. And I am beyond impressed. 

I am currently a Green Belt, Phase 3, and I intend on continuing my training here at Progressive for years to come. Even when I have attained my Black Belt, I do not intend to stop. Martial Arts has become less a hobby for me and more of a calling. And I really have Progressive to thank for that. I'm hard pressed to find something about the school that I can actually criticize.
The community and teachers are all friendly, the methods are all practical, the work there has QUICKLY improved my physical being and has made me much faster on reaction, and I'm probably healthier than I have ever been in my life. 
PMATS is not your typical martial arts school. They do not hand feed you recycled techniques that are effective only against a training dummy, what they teach you entirely realistic and essential to knowing how to handle a hostile scenario in real life.Every day I'm learning something new about myself, other people, and how people think in these situations, and for the first time in my life, the thought of fighting does not scare me. I am confident in my skill and not only do I feel that I can properly handle myself, but I also feel that if the situation ever arose, I could protect those around me. 
From hand to hand to handling someone with a weapon, from incapacitating to dealing with hostage scenarios, PMATS is focused on teaching and preparing you for any combat situation in close quarters that you might endeavor. And not only is it useful, but it's been a blast training there.
It's a workout, psychology lesson, and fighting exercise all compiled into one deal, and PMATS does their best to cover whatever area they can. Not to mention the variety of their classes makes sure there is something for everybody. I mostly attend the Muay Thai, Kali, JKD, and Kickboxing sessions, but as far as I'm concerned, there are many other styles and classes to be taught, ranging from women's self defense to Silat to who knows what else! 
Most importantly, Progressive is in tune with their community. If anybody has a problem, they will personally aid them. Parties and social gatherings are done every so often, and you'll notice that a lot of their students have a good history with the people at PMATS. If there was any school I would recommend for not only a beginner, but a seasoned martial artist, it's Progressive Martial Arts! 
- H.Allen

"The correct action steps are constantly needed to see any goal accomplished. It's ok when those steps are slower than we would like, as long as we Keep moving forward!"

~ Guro Billy Brown


"See the Difference, Feel the Difference, KNOW the Difference"

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