Ladies, we know that many of you are living life at warp speed these days! Between family responsibilities and work, housework and cooking, there is barely enough time to sleep. Nevermind eating healthy or exercising.


But now is the time for you to make YOUR HEALTH and WELL BEING a priority!!!


 If you don’t, your physical health, emotional and mental well-being, work and family relationships may suffer. 


If it’s been awhile since you took some time to care for yourself, THE TIME IS NOW to get back to you!


By joining The Tuf Chiks Club you will see first hand how we can help change and EMPOWER your life!


You will learn the most EFFECTIVE Martial Arts Systems taught! You will also get the BEST 800+ Calorie Burning Workouts, workouts that you actually want to do! And you will make some GREAT friends along the way!


But IT’S ALL UP TO YOU! you have to make the decision that you’re going to make your own health and happiness a priority and GIVE The Tuf Chiks Club a try!




PS. You are about to make a potentially life-changing decision !


The Tuf Chiks Club is the program that every woman wants, needs & has been waiting for!"


*Do YOU Want to be in the best Shape Of Your Life?


*Do YOU Want to Learn Valuable and Life-Saving Self-Defense?


*Do YOU Want to do Something Different and Exciting?


*Do YOU Want Patient Instructors Motivated to Help You Achieve All Your Goals?


*Do YOU to put Aging to Rest?


*Do YOU Want to Feel Comfortable and at Home in A Fitness Program?


*Do YOU Want to Work Out With Other Motivated and Enthusiastic Women?


If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above,

Then The Tuf Chiks Club Is For You!!

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Q) Why Do Most People Fail In their Attempts To Get Fit?





When you start a diet you cut out about all the food you can't eat. You restrict yourself to certain foods for a few weeks, you loose a few pounds and you’ are absolutely miserable.


And after awhile, your motivation runs out and you start to eat again. And you gain all the weight right back. What’s the point? DIETS DON’T WORK.


The Tuf Chiks Club will help you to begin a healthier lifestyle. We’ will give you tips to help you eat healthier and, of course, we’ will give you kick-butt workouts to burn calories.




I a’m going to tell you a secret that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know. Did you know that over 85% people who sign up at gyms never go? 


There is no motivation to go back unless you shell out hundreds of dollars for a physical trainer on top of your membership.


By joining the Tuf Chiks Club,  you will make friends, and you will stay motivated and always want to come back! There is personal accountability but in a friendly way.

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The Ultimate Fitness Kick Boxing Creed


I Want To Get Healthy!

I Will Commit To A Lifestyle Change!

I Will EAT Right!

I Will Set Goals.. And Reach Them.. And Do It All Over Again!

I Will Exercise!

I Will Make Time!!

No Excuses!


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- Jeet Kune Do Training Methods
- Maglahok KALI - Silat
- Mixed Striking - Hybrid Muay Thai
- Submission Wrestling
- Judo, CACC (Catch), Shooto, Japaneese JuJitsu, Dumog
- Innovate Western Boxing Concepts
- Innovative TKD Sparring/KickBoxing Concepts
* DefendUSA - Adaptive Combatives Curriculums

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